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mp4 In your situation you just need to change -local_dir= and -dts (or -dts2) for the parameters that you require for your mp4 (maybe -level or -b:a). A: My guess would be that you are using ffmpeg 4.0+ for Windows (both in 2017 and 2018). I created a bug report on the ffmpeg bug tracker and this seems to be a common issue with that version (note that this also happens when using the current beta of the 4.1 stable release) : Note that the maintainer has answered ( but in your case, you should instead use the portable ffmpeg.exe installer. If you have the problem with the latest stable version, do not hesitate to report a bug, it will be helpful to have this fixed. Q: "Live" runtime dependencies in an EC2 PaaS What are the different options for getting "live" runtime dependencies installed on a user's EC2 instance (i.e. so that a newly launched instance uses those libraries, even though the instances might have different builds of the libraries). I understand that the PaaS could provide a "library of libraries", but I want something more like a typical "bundle of libraries", where the bundle is already installed and the user just has to invoke it, regardless of the underlying base image that the user's instance runs. As you pointed out, AWS Elastic Beanstalk offers built-in support for this. Using an environment-variable environment-specific environment configuration file, you can specify the required runtime images as well as other options, such as the default cache location (database) or the default web server. When you launch an instance using that environment configuration, Elastic Beanstalk will automatically install those dependencies as part of the deployment process. To create the environment configuration file, use the following command: $ eb create (Replace with the name of the environment configuration you want to create.) To specify runtime dependencies, use the following command: $ eb create --environment-overrides (Replace with the name of the environment configuration you want to create.



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